New Tricks

New Tricks

You’re never too old to try something new. Yesterday in the liquidation store I made an amazing revelation: my eyesight actually benefits from reading glasses! And they’re only $3. It was so amazing to see my fingerprints up so close to my face… Hi Def! Booyah! So now I have these readers. I never thought I’d buy these things but they are amazing! They have flexible frames so that’s trippy. Fun. Seuss-esque. They’re like microscopes for my face. Sweet Tarts are easier to read now. I hope to use them in a therapeutic fashion to strengthen my up-close vision back to brand new condition. Once upon a time I was the only person in the room who could see the tiniest details. I noticed my eyesight getting slightly worse over the last few years, and I think it’s somehow related to small-screen addiction. I also noticed that I can make my vision clearer through intense concentration, so that’s encouraging. Mind over matter. May willpower prevail!

^ clarity is power ^

I believe the effects of aging to be mostly unnecessary, with effective attention. I think it has mostly to do with exercise and nutrition but I use those words to include things like “what are you reading” and “what emotions have you been processing.” People have sometimes told me that I ought to have a strong mind into my later years because of my steady involvement with music – which is encouraging and credible – but I recently realized that reading is also going to be important because I’ve often had a bit of a weakness in the area of verbal stuff. Unless it gets exercise, of course. Back to the visual domain, I have a strong hunch that gazing upon the beauty of natural patterns (moving water, clouds, plants) has a healthy effect on the eyes and the mind, and could help undo some of the damage done by smartphone screens and TVs.

Music (and my mind’s interaction with it) has become a game full of numbers and colours and textures and emotions and shapes, a constant opportunity for creating my own puzzles of searching, where my cringe-sensors are the final judge and gatekeeper of all my compositional sculptures. Oh, and that’s not even taking into account the physical processes of playing an instrument. Now’s not the time to start rambling about the crazy journey I’ve been on with picking technique, although it’s relevant to the “new tricks” theme that I took a guitar lesson a few weeks ago (first one in years) which is helping me sort out some technical difficulties! Major victory. But all of these musical processes tend to be devoid of words (I’m working on an instrumental album), so the word-brain needs to read.

Lately I’ve been reading The Real Frank Zappa Book and a collection of essays called Thinking.

Ok bye.


End of report.



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