Record Shopping,  Prohibition

Record Shopping…

Buying records feels a little extravagant at this point, but there was a sale! Flying Lotus impressed me with one of his videos last year and I’ve been vaguely interested since then. I realize I could just use YouTube, but buying an LP is way more adventurous! I bought “You’re Dead” and, although I expected it to be more synthetic and glitchy, I can’t say I’m disappointed. It’s a very classy, jazzy, organic sound indeed. I predict many repeat listens, but time will tell.

^ Flying Lotus LP ^

Apparently, Warp Records is my cup of tea. Now that I think if it, this record seems a little out-of-place on Warp. Maybe his earlier stuff is glitchier. Maybe I should send some Lex Plexus to Warp, maybe get a record deal or whatever.

I also found a used Mr. Oizo CD! What a treasure that is. I immediately noticed a similarity to Justice (who have a new one coming out, coincidentally) and Google showed me that I’m not the only one to notice the sameness.

Afterward I found a Sigue Sigue Sputnik record for only $5 – a fairly low-risk adventure. When I saw that Giorgio Moroder produced the record, I figured it’d be quality and educational. Oh, well. It was only $5.


They were out of O’Doul’s at the Shark Club the other day so I ordered the Bud equivalent, “Prohibition.” Interestingly, there also exists a “Prohibition Ale” which does┬ácontain alcohol. So I took a sip and instantly noticed… Whoops! First sip of booze in over 5 years. Mildly alarming. Traded for the near-beer. I still enjoy the taste of beer – there’s some sort of sentimental throwback for me there.

End of report.