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Lex Plexus: Phi Day The 13th

Lex Plexus: Phi Day The 13th…

Last Saturday was the 1st Birthday of Barnacle Records, and it was a great opportunity for my most famous alter-ego to hit the stage… Lex Plexus in effect! Equipped with some pretty skookum Ableton Live Sets of my own creation, plus my nifty 16-knob Launch Control (a.k.a. Tweaky McTweakerson), I was able to wizard up some pretty funky weird stuff – good times, improv style. The subwoofer was cranked and the walls were shaking. I’ve wanted to make music like this since a long time ago – about 13 years ago, I did some improvised loop-based stuff at a few parties and this new stuff is a similar vibe but more abstract. Psychedelic!

After the event, I recalled from prior investigation that multiplying the Golden Ratio by the number of days in a year establishes a point in the year which I would call the Golden Day or Phi Day. Since 2016 is a leap year, 366 days multiplied by 0.618033988 gives 226. The 226th day of this year is August 13! On non-leap years, Phi Day is on the 14th instead of the 13th.

If someone tries to trick you into believing that 6/18 (June 18) is Phi Day… well, now you know how to set them straight.

It just so happens that I also recorded my live set that day.  The album is called “Phi Day The 13th (beep boop recorded live at Barnacle Records)” and I decided to put it up on Bandcamp so you can all enjoy it! Free download.

^ Lex Plexus album cover ^

P.S. A few weeks back Lex Plexus did a similar live performance at the Kamloops Art Gallery, and the recording for that is coming down the pipe as well.

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