Skullfinger in effect (controversy included)

Skullfinger in effect (controversy included)…

“Turn Down The Quiet” is now primed for proliferation. The new Skullfinger album (about 5 years in the making) officially dropped this week, and you can find it digitally at my website which also links to BandcampCDBaby, iTunes, other streams, etcetera. If old-school-but-not-too-old-school physical music formats are more your thing, then the Compact Disc is also available. The first 30 are Limited Edition which means it comes with a bonus Skullfinger guitar pick! Hardcopies are available at Kamloops Long & McQuade and at The Art We Are.

Frickin’ sweet.

I must say, even though music technology’s digital tendencies have rendered CD’s even more obsolete than the vinyl record, the physical tangibility factor is satisfactorily rewarding. I insisted that the front album cover should have no lettering to interrupt the artwork. Well played, me. Well played.

Did someone say controversy? Yeah, that was me – it was in the title of this blog entry. In the last few days since spreading Skullfinger’s music to other human beings, a great surprise has landed in my world… Four people so far have taken the CD and held it UPSIDE-DOWN to admire the artwork, thereby demonstrating (and stating outright) that it looks better that way!

This. I. Did. Not. Expect.

What do you think?

^ Is this right-side up? ^
^ Or is this right-side up? ^

End of report.



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