Skullfinger at L&M, D.M.S., Countless Petals


Skullfinger at L&M…

As previously mentioned, the Skullfinger CD’s arrived from the plant the other day (I got ’em made at Precision Discs, great service and quality, recommended) so then it was just a matter of waiting for the custom Skullfinger guitar picks to arrive from Grover Allman in Australia. The first 30 copies of the Skullfinger CD come with a bonus guitar pick!

So stoked. This is what they look like:

^ Skullfinger CD with bonus guitar pick ^

With all the pieces in place, I decided to immediately make advance copies available for public purchase at Long & McQuade in Kamloops. After the first 30 copies, the picks will not be available – Limited Edition oohhhh yeahhhhh.

^ Skullfinger CD’s available now at L&M Kamloops ^

Skullfinger is one of my biggest and most serious and fun projects ever, quite happy about the results. It’s far more “mainstream” than my experimental stuff – I say it’s basically a “rock” album because every song has vocals and guitars. Rock includes classical, funk and reggae as well, of course. Ten originals, one cover tune. I love the puzzles contained in music: the title track “Turn Down The Quiet” all started as an adventure in brewing up various timing combos into a 21/8 framework. Like I say, this is my mainstream stuff, L.O.L.

Swimming in the long tail and loving it!



Last Saturday I found some sweet deals at the Record Store! Barnacle Records had their sticker sale for the Spring Festival. Green dot = $2, yellow dot = $3, red dot = $5. Look what I got… Chet Atkins, Eddy Grant, Jon & Vangelis, Rick Wakeman (each tune describes one of Henry VIII’s wives), Gowan, Human League (all keyboards, no guitars or basses) …and Desperate Minds!

^ sweet easy-budget treasure finds ^

D.M.S. was a local punk band who were slightly before my time, like just very slightly. In high school I saw these awesome zombie-faced stickers plastered on lockers and whatnot, before I knew there was any such thing as a “local music scene”.

^ I saw these around my high school before I ever knew there was such thing as a local music scene ^

In Sadistic Humor I think we played our first gig with them at the I.O.O.F., but I don’t remember much about that since I was probably wrapped up in my own little world of guitaristic concerns. Of course, the music scene being a friendly environment, I ended up meeting and befriending some of these people, who were not as intimidating as I might have naively guessed based on the perhaps angry-looking sticker.

So, basically those rad screaming-face stickers, instead of their music, is what I remember most about the artistic output of D.M.S.. There seems to have been several bands with screaming face images form that era of my life: Eddie the Corpse from Iron Maiden, the S.N.F.U. shirts, and sweet-hearted punker chicks wearing their Cramps “Bad Music For Bad People” t-shirts. *sigh *

Finding this Desperate Minds record now, 3 decades later, was a chance to finally put a sound to the memory of that sticker which had somehow made a lasting impression on me at VVJS.

^ my new D.M.S. record ^

So, I listened to the record and quite enjoyed it. It’s high-energy, fast and light. Good vocals, lots of boo-chee beats – way better sound quality than most of the demo tapes all us other bands were making back in the day. I’ll probably spin it again sometime. I wish I had one of those stickers.

By the way… a lot of people have Inner Anger’s blue record but I have the Purple tape. Bragging.

Countless Petals…

Prompt: Countless

Inspired by one of these WordPress “prompt” thingies, which are new to me, I found this nice little quote from Kahlil Gibran:

“The soul unfolds itself like a lotus of countless petals.”

Take a moment. If you think that’s beautiful, you should read the whole poem.

End of report.



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