Factory-Fresh Skullfinger, Nix n’ Plex

Factory-Fresh Skullfinger…

Skullfinger discs just arrived…

^ Skullfinger discs are in! ^

I love the way the graphics turned out & they look so snazzy all lined up in a row. Just a couple more weeks until release date (June 6).

^ Skullfinger discs all lined up in a row ^

Here’s a little somethin’-somethin’ for ya ’til then… “Broke But Not Broken” by Skullfinger on YouTube

Nix n’ Plex…

Nix Nihil is in town and he’s all like, “let’s hang out and do some recording,” and I’m all like, “it’s a plan!” So I scoured through some half-baked lyric ideas I’ve got lying around and we spiffed ’em up all ripe-and-ready for another new Lex Plexus track. This one’s 160 bpm but leaning towards the half-time vibe, so really 80. This one’s going to be minimalist in comparison to the two tracks from the Sleepcaster EP, with only eight lines of verbage… I’m looking forward to some pretty severe sample manipulation.

^ Nix Nihil belting a new Lex Plexus track ^
^ Lex Plexus devouring the computer ^


End of report.





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