Pink Noise Can Stick It

Pink Noise Can Stick It

So, for the last couple of days (see yesterday’s entry) I’ve been using my MeldaProduction “MAutoDynamicEQ” plugin to compare tons of music from my collection to Pink Noise to get a meaningful impression of where my Skullfinger project stands in terms of frequency content. I’ve been finding that most commercially-produced has a very flat curve (flat compared to Pink Noise, I mean… which is not really flat but has a 3db/octave weighting to account for human perception). When I look at my work-in-progress Skullfinger masters (and my recent Crushing Complex master as well), I’m finding that I tend towards dark masters. When I apply the compensation EQ to make it sound more “pink,” it suddenly sounds much more sparkly and I start pooing my pants out of fear that my masters sound dull compared to all the big kids.

And then I remember: I decided many months ago to go this route on purpose; a lot of popular music sounds too “bright” to me – overwhelming and symptomatic of a sensory-overload society . Now, instead of being a stubborn and prideful rebel-without-a-cause/clue (?) and doing things my own way to my own detriment, I decided to find some of my favourite “dark” sounding albums, and to use them as my frequency-comparison standard. Some of my choices include the Aphex Twin album “Syro,” Lorde’s “Pure Heroine” and “Reflektor” by Arcade Fire. (Yes, I like Arcade Fire, so what?)

Without measuring these albums technologically, I had already determined from pure listening enjoyment that each of them could stay on repeat without making my ears bleed – a worthwhile goal for my Skullfinger album, no doubt!

So now today, with the Skullfinger deadline ominously looming, I am comparing “Syro,” “Pure Heroine” and “Reflektor” to Pink Noise and finding that they all have curves significantly darker than Pink Noise – just like my own recent mastering efforts!

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 11.36.17 AM
^ frequency analysis of Lorde’s “Royals” ^

What does this mean? I’m on the right track after all. * phew – what a relief * …Kudos to me for trusting my ears and confirming my judgments with measurement (and shame on me for bragging?).


Some would say my tendency towards mellower sound is a symptom of old age, but… did I mention that “Syro,” “Pure Heroine” and “Reflektor” have all won big fancy music awards? Grammys, Junos…

So, yeah –  Pink Noise – thanks for your help (and I will doubtlessly continue to utilize thy counsel), but I think the record industry has given you too much reign. I am here to reclaim the darkness.

End of report.



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