Sleepcaster EP, DJ Don Rugs, Exclusive Photos

Sleepcaster EP…

^ Sleepcaster EP by lex Plexus and Nix Nihil ^

As you may know, I make music of many varieties including techno/industrial/drum-and-bass. Six years ago, I wrote an instrumental track called “Sleep, Cerberus” and then four year later my lyrics singer friend Nix Nihil became inspired to add some very interesting lyrics. I re-constructed the music to suit the vocals and the remix was born. Fast Forward another year and Nix comes to me with another idea, this time a fresh story-lyric with need for drum-and-bass backing. And so now I humbly present to you these two creations for your listening pleasure… “Sleep, Cerberus (Nix vox remix)” and “Path of the Lightning Caster” on the Sleepcaster EP by Lex Plexus and Nix Nihil. I like the results, and I hope you do too. Available now at bandcamp.

DJ Don Rugs Setlist…

One of my alter egos had a pretty good time behind the decks the other night at Barnacle. Yeah  real vinyl… booyah! Partly, I choose the best songs from my worst records. Here’s a photo of all the records I played:

^ vinyl selection by DJ Don Rugs ^

Maybe you noticed this kickass Crumbsuckers record, the latest addition to my collection:

^ Look what I got – Crumbsuckers on vinyl! ^

It was a favourite of mine about 23 years ago, when I had the cassette. A welcome addition.

Here’s a nice tidy list of all the songs I played that night:

  1. Andy Summers and Robert Fripp – What Kind of Man Reads Playboy?
  2. Del Woods – Goofus
  3. Jorgen Ingmann – Apache
  4. Crumbsuckers – Prelude Intro
  5. Roy Buchanan – Judy
  6. The Kilima Hawaiians – Hawaiian Surfriding
  7. Roger Eggermont’s Trio – Five Foot Four
  8. Cygnus X – The Orange Theme
  9. A Flock Of Seagulls – Man Made
  10. Crumbsuckers – A Moment Of Silence / Mr. Hyde

Have you heard The Orange Theme? Interesting chord progression.

Good times!

Exclusive Photos…

Most of my artsy Hipstamatic photos go up on my Instagram but I’ve decided to spruce up the WordPress universe by dedicating some of today’s photo-adventure fruits to an exclusive appearance right here and now:

^ the washer was an alien element ^
^ started as a logo (mystery) ^
^ pretty flower ^

End of report.




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