Osmosis Unbeknownst

Osmosis Unbeknownst…

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 5.22.44 PM
^ screenshot from Osmosis Unbeknownst ^

A few months back Gary Faustman (remember Promiscuous Pete from Euphoria Emporium?) and I had an inspired meeting where we decided “why not make a short film?” And so, being driven as all creators are, we wrote the entire story and filmed it all in one day! Film is such an enjoyable process, especially when you get the chance to wear the hats of actor, director, cameraman and writer. The resulting short film is called “Osmosis Unbeknownst” and we entered it into the 2016 Kamloops Interior Short Short Film Fest (as mentioned in a recent post). There were a lot of great entries in this year’s festival, as usual. If you haven’t seen it yet, follow this YouTube link to watch “Osmosis Unbeknownst,” a Salted Slug Films production. It’s a story of music, poetry, and synchronicity.

As a side note, I’ve watched “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” 4 times since last week.


End of report.




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