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Solfeggio .PDF…

Considering the immense popularity of the Solfeggio Tones and the wealth of new insight I’ve so humbly gifted to the world in my book “Chaos In Boxes: twisted adventures in music theory,” I decided the right thing to do is to offer a free .pdf download of “Section V – EXPLORING THE ANCIENT SOLFEGGIO MATRIX.”

If I seem too bold, then go ahead and read it. You’ll see for yourself. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. Whether you count yourself as a fan of the Solfeggio Tones or one of its detractors, my writing on the subject will likely inspire you.

Highlight (long story short): the Golden Ratio and the Perfect Fourth are contained.

Ergo, for example, this diagram:

^ revolutionary Solfeggio Tetrachord from “Chaos In Boxes” ^

Note: The eBook versions of “Chaos In Boxes” contain even more new information which is not included in the hardcopy versions nor this .pdf. Nothing too important, just the introduction of the Solfeggio Clef and a couple of other little things.

Download the .pdf here or go here ( for more complete access to various purchase options, etc. Sorry for being all “salesy” but if you’re into this sort of thing then you probably care to know!

I guess I should also mention that, if you want to hear the audible musical result of some the experiments described in Section V (and elsewhere in the book) you can go to the bandcamp page where you’ll find some free downloadage. That’s assuming you don’t have the enhanced eBook version for iBooks which you can find at iTunes.

^ Solfeggio numbers are a cool pattern ^


By the way… there are a few musicians out there who have made what they call “Solfeggio music”, and most of what I’ve noticed falls into one of two categories:

  1. They’ve tuned their guitar so that one of the notes on the guitar is in tune with one of the Solfeggio Tones, and then tuned the rest of the guitar (and any other instruments on the recording) to Equal Temperament. Or,
  2. They’ve inserted a steady sine-wave (sounds like a whistling tone) rendering of a Solfeggio frequency into a piece of music which features mostly synthesizer tones.

Both of these things are fine, I guess, but they have their weaknesses: In case 1, only the chosen tone really matches the Solfeggio; the other notes on their guitar do not coincide with the Solfeggio. In case 2, only the single tone is typically used, since standard synthesizer keyboards are not “tempered” the same way as the unique Solfeggio matrix and cannot therefore accommodate all of the Solfeggio’s strange intervals. Furthermore, these sine tones do not blend well with the rest of the sound aesthetic in my opinion, and also lack the musical potential provided by the possibility of Octave Transpositions (as discussed in Section V) which help to make the Solfeggio much more palatable.

Fortunately, I have rendered my own renditions of Solfeggio music which I consider to be superior to anything else I’ve heard so far. I’ve also created a freeware VST synthesizer (Windows only, sorry) which allows you to make proper Solfeggio music as well. It only produces actual Solfeggio tones, as well as octave displacements thereof. If you use it, you’ll notice that certain combinations of notes sound downright out-of-tune. This is because the Solfeggio is a strange beast indeed. Read Section V and it’ll all make sense.

^ The Ancient Solfeggio Synthesizer VSTi ^
^ album cover for my Solfeggio music ^

Now, onto other things!


KISSFest and Salted Slug…

No, it’s not a kissing booth (not that I know of)… It’s the Kamloops Independent Short Shorts Film Festival, promoted by the Kamloops Film Society as part of the yearly Kamloops Film Festival! All films must be 5 minutes length, maximum. I’ve entered in the past (usually surreal video collages or music videos), but this year’s entry is a team effort with Gary Faustman – it has a story and everything! We are Salted Slug Films, and our debut production is called “Osmosis Unbeknownst.” I’m not posting a link to YouTube until after the festival because I want it to be a surprise.

^ still-shot from “Osmosis Unbeknownst” ^

The festival’s on March 6 at The Paramount Theatre at noon!


End of report.





Aces & A-Sides

Photo 2016-02-05, 8 39 58 PM
^ Don Rugs ^

It’s only Friday but I’m already having a great moment and I hope you are too. I’m lucky to know some very cool people. Exciting discussions about making movies. Beautiful vivacious women being their inspirational selves. A fruitful photography session. A friend donated an equalizer a few years ago and I just hooked it up to my record player tonight so now I’ve been ripping through some stellar A-sides all night. Pizza. I’m brainstorming a bunch of mind-boggling possibilities for Ableton Live, which will hopefully manifest as a one-man cyber tweak-fest in the next few minutes here. Chocolate-covered coffee beans. Life is good. If you think I’m bragging too much then I hope your situation improves soon, so you can be happy like me. I must admit I’m feeling like my current state of existence is probably in the top 1% of all possible blessedness at the moment. I was thinking of posting photos of all the records whose A-sides I’ve played so far tonight. Here is list format first:

  1. Venetian Snares – Fool The Detector
  2. Ratt – Dancing Undercover
  3. Black Pus – All My Relations
  4. Duran Duran – Rio
  5. Download – III Steps Forward
  6. John Coltrane – Trane’s Modes
  7. Liona Boyd – The Guitar

Ok, here’s all the photos I promised:

Photo 2016-02-06, 2 15 01 AM
^ Liona Boyd ^
Photo 2016-02-06, 12 52 42 AM
^ Black Pus ^
Photo 2016-02-06, 12 53 11 AM
^ John Coltrane ^
Photo 2016-02-06, 12 52 22 AM
^ Download ^
Photo 2016-02-06, 12 55 21 AM
^ John Coltrane ^
Photo 2016-02-06, 12 52 31 AM
^ Duran Duran ^
Photo 2016-02-06, 1 15 08 AM
^ EQ ^
Photo 2016-02-06, 12 52 53 AM
^ Ratt ^
Photo 2016-02-06, 12 49 31 AM
^ Venetian Snares ^



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