Vasylo Ko, Treasure Report, Eye Candy



I was recently enlisted by Vasyl Ko to master (and mix, partly) his new 6-song album “Aura&Colour,” and it was both a pleasure and a challenge! It gave me a chance to put some skills to the test, and I must say, there is some rather interesting and aesthetically pleasing sound to be found on this album. Go check it out at He just released it today, on Malanka (which is also apparently New Year’s Eve on the Julian calendar).

^ album cover from Vasyl Ko’s latest ^





Hunting is fun! Hunting for records, that is. Look what I found yesterday, for a dollar:

^ Liona Boyd’s first album ^

It’s Liona Boyd’s first album! A treasure find. When I read the back, an interesting term appeared – “Alberti bass.” Interesting because, somewhat serendipitously, it also appeared earlier in the week while I was researching the song “Pipeline” for a guitar student. Apparently, an Alberti bassline is that which follows the contour “low, high, middle, high” and then repeats.

^ Alberti bassline mentioned ^

Also on the back of the album is a very nice photo of Liona Boyd, which I photographed and edited with Hipstamatic. Yes, a photo of a photo. How to make a dreamy thing even dreamier, that’s my deal. Photos don’t get mad if you stare at them. Listening to the record also inspired me to practice more. Which reminds me… back in 1992 there was one really good week, when live concerts of Liona Boyd, Joe Satriani and Steve Vai kicked my guitar discipline into overdrive!

Photo 2016-01-12, 12 55 12 PM
^ my edit of a photo of Liona Boyd ^

Here’s another little somethin’-somethin’ that was just sitting there waiting to cause me internal exclamations of gratitude – The Planets!

Photo 2016-01-12, 12 43 40 PM
^ another second-hand treasure ^

Have you heard of Muscle Shoals? It’s mentioned in the song “Sweet Home Alabama,” and I eventually saw a great documentary about the famous recording studio, finally becoming enlightened as to what the hell Lynyrd Skynyrd were referring to. Well, this surprise gem made its way into yesterday’s satchel as well:

Photo 2016-01-12, 1 08 55 PM
^ Muscle Shoals Horns! ^

I haven’t had the chance to listen yet.



I guess I have thirsty eyes. Please enjoy a few of my most recent photographic exploits…

Photo 2016-01-02, 6 08 40 PM
^ photo by SL – faces in places ^


Photo 2016-01-12, 11 44 10 PM
^ photo by SL – magnetic buckyball sculpture ^


Photo 2016-01-12, 7 48 09 PM
^ photo by SL – broken hubcap ^


Photo 2015-12-28, 11 07 35 PM
^ photo by SL – bottle receptacle at Riverside Park ^


Photo 2016-01-13, 12 48 00 PM
^ photo by SL – hexagons in the dead of winter ^



End of report.






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