Melophoria 4, Photo Miscellany

Melophoria 4

Last night was the 4th instalment of Melophoria at Barnacle Records, with a ton of vinyl frenzy including Saucy eL, DJ Cuppa Pint, solo-uno-mono-man, Todd Bar, TaBby Cat, Rareandinexpensive, and DJ Don Rugs (that’s me).

^ photo by Iksnalybok, edited by SL ^

Here’s my set list, just so you know what you missed (unless you were there):

Andrew Lloyd Webber – Variations 11-15
The Quintet of the Hot Club of France – I Got Rhythm
Roger Whittaker – Finnish Whistler
The Ukuleles of Halifax – Plaisir D’Amour
Claude Denjean (MOOG!) – Lay Lady Lay
The Original Wiestaler Schuhplattler – Almtanz (Yodeling In The Alps)
Duane Eddy – Bali Ha’i
Carlos Santana & Mahavishnu John Mc Laughlin – A Love Supreme
Squarepusher – Boneville Occident

In case you haven’t noticed, I get a lot of my vinyl from the thrift store dollar bins! That’s the way I roll. Case in point:

^ I’m sure you’ve seen this many times in the dollar bins, I know I have ^

Also, Rónan found one of my most favourite albums ever, Squarepusher’s “Go! Spastic,” so I couldn’t resist throwing down some classic IDM to transition into Melaina’s set. Gonna buy that vinyl, no matter that it’s all scratched.

^ photo by Iksnalybok, edited by SL ^

The P.A.T. (portable art trailer) was also on-site so the people could get their art on… I learned how to do my first printy thingy whatever-it’s-called:

^ popped my printing press cherry ^

Fun stuff. I also did this ink drawing, which is pretty much the same drawing I always make:

^ flying away into the sunset ^

Good times!


Photo Miscellany

On an unrelated topic, here are a few of my photos from earlier in the week:

^ musky beanish smooth porcelain ^


^ sparklenesses ^
^ reckon ^
^ well well ^
^ turning tables ^


End of this report.



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