Frozen Finger Blues

Frozen Finger Blues

Music brings me to some strange places sometimes. After a Crushing Complex writing session Friday night, Justin “Land Pilot” Perfilow and myself figured, let’s go decompress at the Central. So, while shooting the shit in regards to all things metal with the tortured wails of karaoke in the background, I get an unexpected text around midnight. Apparently the band that was booked for the Saturday morning Santa Claus Parade’s downtown float had to cancel at the last minute, and they needed a replacement.

Wolf 359 to the rescue! I didn’t know that weekends actually have mornings, but this one even came with a breakfast included. I’ve played guitar in cold weather before so I knew my fingers would be a little unhappy, but it was worth it, singing our “Frozen Finger Blues” set as the people waved us through the procession. The last time I surfed a moving vehicle while playing & singing was when we played on the 2141 in the summer. All that teetering around with guitar in hand sort of reminded me of jamming with wobbly-pops. We played some of our favourite tunes by Bo Diddley, Johnny Cash, Beck, and Jimi Hendrix.

^ this gnarly old classic towed our float! ^


^ snazzy Wolf 359 banner made by Ali ^


^ Ali elf & another elf friend getting festive ^


^ Wolf 359 getting ready to sleigh. I mean, slay. photo by Tanya Orozco, edited by SL. ^


^ Bustin Jentley getting ready for acoustic frigidity ^


^ Tanya & Ali tearing down after the floaty festiveness ^


^ me & my Santa Claus Parade ribbon ^


^ the things that catch my eye ^


Happy Festivus. Santa Claus is real!


End of report.



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