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Breaking Glasses

^ found art. must have fell out of a moving truck ^

Do you ever feel numb, like even the best music (and maybe everything in life) is on the other side of a very dull glass? Well, I’m feeling the opposite tonight. It’s like I just woke up again. I finally figured out how to easily run YouTube and my microphone both thru Ableton at the same time, using some sort of “aggregate device” scenario… So now I’m belting out IRON FUCKING MAIDEN at the top (bottom) of my lungs, with my voice mixing along with Bruce Dickinson – and Paul Di’Anno (Killers is undisputable) – and actually hitting some of the notes and improving my tone.

Idol worship and choosing favourites has always seemed kind of immature or unrealistic to me, especially considering my longstanding belief that “if one person can achieve it, so can anybody else, including me.” That said… if I ever had a “top favourite” band it was Iron Maiden, back in high school days. Now tonight, Powerslave sounds just as amazing to me as it did way back then. The mix and the songwriting and – everything – is just super frickin’ great about that song and that whole album.

So anyways, this sentimentality hit an interesting elevation… when I was singing along with “Hallowed Be Thy Name” and “Prodigal Son,” I felt like I was PART OF SOMETHING LEGENDARY, as if my voice was connecting me directly to a massive historical collective monolith. I felt like I was onstage, being more alive than usual. Singers are lucky. I’m still used to being mostly a guitar player, even though I’ve been increasing vocal orientation for a few years now. Vocalizing is a whole ‘nutha level, I tell you. Lovin’ it! I can see why karaoke is so popular.

I should be sleeping but I’m too wired. All of this inspiration was brought about by yet another new development yesterday in my own real-life band Crushing Complex, when Matt McLaughlin augmented our brutality with his vocal talents by ripping some vocal tracks on our new demo recordings! It looks like we now have three vocalists in our band, with a pretty sweet – I mean brutal – mix of dirty gnarly vocals and melodic stuff. Matt was bringing some really cool bluesy phrasing to some of the melodies, which sounds even better when harmonized.

^ Matt singing “fuck that” on a Crushing Complex tune ^
^ Matt McLaughlin, Crushing Complex lead vocalist ^

Matt actually sang with Crushing Complex when the band existed in its prior incarnation a few years back. This new phase of the band actually feels like a brand-new band though, with all new tunes and more emphasis on groove and lower-tuned guitars. Still lots of interesting timing & dark tonalities and whatnot.
In the interest of “that’s how I roll,” I think I’ll put a list of all the cover tunes I’ve been singing along with for vocal practice the last couple of nights:

  • Iron Maiden – Powerslave
  • Iron Maiden – Hallowed Be Thy Name
  • Iron Maiden – Rime of the Ancient Mariner
  • Iron Maiden – Prodigal Son
  • TV On The Radio – Happy Idiot
  • The Cranberries – Linger
  • The Offspring – Self Esteem
  • The Doors – Lover Her Madly
  • The Doors – Hello, I Love You
  • The Doors – Break On Through
  • Type O Negative – Love You To Death
  • Fear Factory – Recharger


Missionary Position

On the topic of Iron Maiden, but an unexpected twist… I bet you’ve never seen this little gem before now:

^ a crazy novel written by Iron Maiden vocalist ^

I found this at a book sale in the mall one day, many years ago. Lent it out to a bass player friend a while back, and just got it back. Gonna read it again. It is some wacky shit, I tell you!


SadHum Farewell Vid

Oh, yeah… One more thing: there’s another Sadistic Humor video up on YouTube as of yesterday, for all the old Kamloops thrashers or anyone else who might enjoy it:

Click here.

This one is from our farewell gig. Last show we played, January 1994. I played better guitar when I had hair. Those were the days.

A Jane’s Addiction lyrical quote:

“They may say ‘Those were the days,’
But in a way, you know for us these are the days.
Yes, for us these are the days.”

End of this report.








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