Consistency vs. Diversity: Skullfinger is lurking just around the corner


I’ve sometimes been told that the reason I manifest obscure creations is that I must be bored. Bored?! Quite the opposite, I say! Every creation is an opportunity to explore the outermost/innermost regions of space/mind. Few things are funner.

Anyways, I’ve encountered an internal dichotomy: it occurred to me that, despite all these years of searching for lost chords and shoving square pegs into round holes, a lot of my favourite listening material is totally mainstream. That’s right, I love a good pop tune! Even though I love diversity and a wide range of musical colour, I found that my favourite albums for repeat-listening are the ones where every song sounds pretty much the same. If an inconsistency comes along (in the form of a solitary ballad amongst raging jungle metal anthems, for example), it pops my bubble and I want to fast-forward or change the disc.

The radio sometimes reminds me that the genre closest to my heart, standing the test of time, is… classic rock! I almost never seek it out, but when it happens on the airwaves… it reflects deep imprints on my psyche. The new world and its problems dissolve and are replaced by a timeless homey peace. I thought I’d left so much of that behind, but no.

Learning this about myself, I decided the right thing to do is to make an album full of rock vocal tunes, hopefully worthy of repeat listening. Hence, Skullfinger was born! In about mid-2013, I began writing and recording songs for Skullfinger, came up with a logo, and doot dee doo, rock marches on in this little corner of the world.

Now that the album is almost ready for worldwide release, there are many moments when my biggest influences from the rock world are apparent… Led Zeppelin, Rush, Pink Floyd, SRV, Bob Marley, The Police, Megadeth, Cream, Frank Zappa, White Zombie, Steve Vai, Steely Dan, Devin Townsend, Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails, Skinny Puppy, Edith Bunker, David Bowie, Beethoven, Pachelbel… yeah, that’s right, I borrowed the Canon progression. See if you can find it when the album drops.

Hmmm, okay, I admit it – staying in one genre may not be an option for Skullfinger. Luckily classic rock is actually really diverse so I don’t mind using the term. Maybe we’re prog. Or simply rock. Suffice it to say that every song has lyrics and guitars! Lots of guitars. Stratocaster. 7-string (purchase of which was inspired by seeing Archspire play at The Plaza). A bit of classical guitar here and there. And tons of keyboards.

The album is scheduled for release on Ulusulu Music in spring of 2016. It’s called “Turn Down The Quiet” and you’ll be able to find it everywhere.

^ album cover art for
^ album cover art for “Turn Down The Quiet” by Skullfinger ^

In the meantime, a teaser single is available for your hot, hungry little eardrums. “Walk Right In” is a cover of the old tune written by Gus Cannon and Hosea Woods in 1929 and later performed by The Rooftop Singers in 1962, when it became a #1 hit.  You can download the Skullfinger version for free (for now) at bandcamp and there’s also a music video. It’s industrial country metal! Enjoy.

Keep on rockin’ in the free world!

P.S. check out these nifty Skullfinger guitar picks.

^ Skullfinger guitar picks ^
^ Skullfinger guitar picks ^


End of report.




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