SadHum on video soon

Once upon a time (1989-1994) I played 6-string in the Kamloops metal band Sadistic Humor. Just tonight I got a whole bunch of old VHS tapes of live gigs and interviews and who-knows-what-else from Craig McKay (our drummer – we have a new band, by the way: Crushing Complex has re-formed as a power trio with Justin Perfilow on Drop-A 7-string and myself on 8-string standard tuning).

So… these VHS tapes are an amazing time-capsule for me right now! I’m digitizing them for upload, and I think there are a few Kamloops people from “back in the day” who will enjoy watching them as well. I admit, some of the interviews are pretty embarassing (arrogance is hardly ever attractive – live and learn, I hope) and there’s a few rough notes here and there but whatever. Good times. I’ll start uploading as soon as I can.


^ Sadistic Humor live at the IOOF, being digitized from VHS at this very moment ^


End of report.




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