Classic 80’s, Mind Blown

Watching the video for “Addicted To Love” by Robert Palmer (I need to learn how to play it for an upcoming gig… always wanted to know how to play this one, actually), I found 2 really amazing details that I never noticed ’til today.

  1. The drum intro starts with a bar of 7! (4, 3, 4, 4, bam.)
  2. In a closeup, one of the “guitar dancers” is using a very unlikely technique on the electric guitar, at least for this song. The technique shown is more applicable to electric bass. I wonder if the video director was playing an inside joke to see if anyone would notice. This song was released in 1985 (hey, that’s the same year I started playing guitar), so I guess it only took me 30 years to notice.
^ she's using inapplicable technique here. I think the director must have been a genius to include such an anomaly ^
^ unlikely choice of guitar technique for this particular song.  ^

Mind blown.

Daily basis.

End of report.




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