Feeling Rich

I’m feeling rich today. I’m broke as puck, but there’s more to life! Last night was a metal show at The Kami, so that was fun. Good to tear out of the coccoon every once once in a while, see some good friends, check out some good tunes, beautiful happy people everywhere. Hemptress is one of those bands with the very low, big tones that have therapeutic effect. Sinksincider had real high energy, I especially like their last tune, “Car Ramrod,” apparently inspired by Super Troopers. I should see that movie, so everyone tells me! Black Mastiff was the headliner, also super good.

I snapped a few photos:

Photo 2015-10-22, 10 35 59 PM
^ critters in the clumsy crane machine game ^
Hemptress snare drum.
^ Hemptress snare drum ^
Photo 2015-10-22, 10 34 01 PM
^ pool table with the snazzy stripes ^
^ cool Kami sign ^
^ cool Kami sign ^
^ Hemptress bass rig ^
^ Hemptress bass rig ^
^ Sinksincider plays
^ Sinksincider plays “Car Ramrod” ^
^ Hemptress ^
^ Hemptress ^

Then what? Jamming in the parking lot… “Lost Lighter Blues” hah awesome – had to be there. And played a few tunes on rhythm guitar at the Open Mic at The Central with Lori Bluebird on lead vocals. Good times!

Wait, there’s more… Sleep is for quitters. Up ’til 6am, I excitedly spelunked through my vinyl record collection, getting ready for tonight. Diggin’ through records can be such a fun adventure. Calming, simple. Vinyl: an elegant weapon for a more civilized age. Tonight… my debut as a vinyl-spinning DJ, at the Melophoria event at Barnacle Records!

^ the first record of my vinyl set tonight ^
^ the first record of my vinyl set tonight ^
^ Barnacle crew at Melophoria ^
^ Barnacle crew at Melophoria ^
^ these are the records I played tonight ^
^ these are the records I played tonight ^

Well, that’s about it. Some days are better than others and right now I ain’t cryin’. This is my first blog entry on here so what the hell, there it is. Boom!

End of report.




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